Our Mission

One Utopia is the creation of Tina Aldrich. She started 02 Breathe oxygen bars in 2010 with the intention of providing a “breath of fresh air and helping people to feel good”. The business has grown and morphed into many different ways to a one stop holistic shop we now know as Utopia.

Tina, who’s certifications include master herbalist, holistic therapy, and crystal healing, continues to reintroduce old world practices to new generations.

“I had a love for a natural approach and believes the answers were already there. I wanted to incorporate everything all natural and holistic that I had ever heard of. I believe there are many ‘right’ answers. My love for helping people and wanting to put a smile on everyone’s face is the drive behind my business. I am passionate about so many different organizations that I want to help and donate to, but I could only do so much. I thought that one of the best ways that I could help all of them as much as I could would be to put them under one roof and expose them to as many people as I could. I want to try to make it part of everyday purchases. If someone needs to buy a gift, what better than for it to be a gift that also gives back.

I want to keep all the products you can find at One Utopia, unique, give back, holistic, natural, and affordable.

In choosing the name One Utopia I looked for something that would embody what I was trying to do. Utopia is an imagined place or state in which everything is perfect. I chose to put the “one” in front of it to paint the picture of a unified place where everyone gets along and is happy.

I invite you to come in and let us help you find your utopia.”

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What Our Clients Say:


Ace McConnell

Event Coordinator, Book It Inc.
"I was breathless over the Oxygen I received from you! Great looking setup and terrific staff! Keep it up!"


"As an athlete and model I'm constantly pushing my body to its physical and mental limits and often push myself to the point of exhaustion. Being able to get more oxygen back into my body helps my muscles recover faster. I recommend oxygen to anyone!"